Handicapping Software Tour

Welcome to Thoroughbred Analytics, the premier provider of horse racing statistics and handicapping reports for all individuals interested in thoroughbred racing from novice rookies to experienced veterans.

Every race day we apply our proprietary algorithms to over 40 different Factors associated with a horse’s racing career. This application assists in the creation of our respected rankings and performance predications for every individual thoroughbred race in North American. These Factors are composed of previous race information, such as distance, race, class, speed, etc.

At Thoroughbred Analytics we separated the 40-plus Factors into seven categories or Sets (Race Dynamics, Race, Workout, Speed, Horse, Trainer, and Jockey Factors) and contributed to the development of our unique handicapping model, which is readily available to you.

However, with our TA2 (The-Analyzer) Handicapping software you have the capability to generate your own personalized handicapping models and customized reports by selecting the specific racing Factors you want in your new Sets. The TA2 Handicapping Software lets produce custom reports such as the Premium Analysis, Best Bets, Live Long Shots, and Premium Past Performance Handicapping Reports.

You can create, save, and name up to 25 personalized Factor Sets to be used for any future reports or models when you use the TA2 software. After you have saved and named your Factor Sets you can use them to conveniently generate your customized reports and handicapping models at the click of a button.

After selecting your racing Factors, then determine the type of race that you want modeled by choosing from 5 Dimensions, including Tracks, Distances, Class of Race, Surface and Track Conditions. Combine your custom Factor Sets and Dimension Sets to create the most in-depth and accurate personalized handicapping models or reports and give yourself a more competitive edge when picking thoroughbred horses.