Handicapping Model Sets

Create/Edit Model Sets

A TA2 Model consists of a Factor Set and a Dimension Set. Thus, your model specifies which factors to use on which types of races.

To create a Model simply select one of your previously defined Factor Sets and one of the previously defined Dimension Sets, name the model and save it.

Create A Model Set

Models Reports

Run the modeling reports to see a statistical analysis of how well each model predicted the results of all races to which the model was applied.

  • Detail Model Report - Report detailed statistical analysis of any model.
  • Summary Model Report - Report Summary Statistics of all your models.

Other Modeling Information


Models are calculated by comparing all the horses calculated factors to their actual results. The Term tells the model how much historical data to use when calculating the model. For example use the past six month of detailed handicapping results and actual results when calculating the model.

Frequency of Recalculation

Handicapping results and actual results are updated every day for each track in North America. Models can be recalculated using more recent data at regular intervals to keep them as accurate as possible. If the model uses 6 months of data, it can be recalculated each month using the most recent 6 months of handicapping results and actual results.