Horse Racing Handicapping Software


Welcome to Thoroughbred Analytics Analyzer or TA2, our proprietary handicapping software. Using our unique analytics and extensive database, you can create and save your own Handicapping Models and apply them to any race in North America.

    • No software needs to be installed.
    • No data needs to be downloaded.

Purchase Options

Thoroughbred Analytics Handicapping Software is available on either a daily (24 hour) subscription or monthly subscription. Anything created under one subscription will be saved and available for future use under subsequent subscriptions.

Unlimited Daily Monthly Rates
Handicapping Software $30.00

Custom Reports

Using TA2 includes creating all components of a handicapping model and generating the following customized reports:

    • Premium Past Performances
    • Premium Analysis
    • Best Bets
    • Live Long Shorts

What is a Handicapping Model?

Handicapping Models consist of Factor Sets and Dimension Sets:

Factor Sets

Factors are calculated for each horse based on their past performance. TA2 allows you to choose from over 40 factors, including: distance, race, class, speed, etc… You just specify which factors you want to include in your model.

Dimension Sets

Dimensions identify the type of race to be modeled. Create criteria based on the following five dimensions to include specific types of races in your model:

    • Tracks
    • Distances
    • Class of race
    • Surface
    • Track Conditions

Once you have created factors sets and dimension sets, just combine these to create your own model.

Easy To Save And Reuse

  • Factor Sets, Dimension Sets and Models are saved under each user's name to be used for any applicable race in the future.
  • Models can be set to automatically recalculate based on updated handicapping and racing, so they always use the most recent data.
  • Set bet parameters to highlight the best bets and live long shots available.

Custom handicapping reports are created using your own handicapping model.