About Us

Our Goals

Thoroughbred Analytics has two simple goals in mind:

Our first goal is to use the power of detailed data and advanced modeling techniques to derive the best information available for handicapping and analyzing thoroughbred races.
Second, present the result of this analysis back to racing enthusiasts and professionals in a clear, concise, easy-to-read format.

These two goals lead to our company motto: "Transforming Data into Information"

We have succeeded in these goals by providing our users with easy-to-read and understandable handicapping reports that will aid all racing enthusiasts and professionals, from the beginner to the most advanced handicapper or racing professional. These reports are produced individually for each race, and every thoroughbred track in North America.

For those who wish to understand the detailed performances of any jockey, trainer, or race track dynamic, users may create customized reports that allow them to research performance along many dimensions such as race class, distance, or position.


Thoroughbred Analytics was founded in 1999 when we started to develop our handicapping application model. Years were spent refining the calculations and determining the best way to combine all the raw and derived data calculated from the past performance data of each horse. The back bone of this is a database consisting of actual horse entries, their past performances, and most importantly, actual race results and payoffs.

Our proprietary handicapping model calculates over 40 factors for each horse entered into each race based on the past performances of each horse. The model is further refined by comparing the calculated factors with actual historical race results. This insures the optimal use of each factor in computing the final predictive value for each horse.

More recently, Thoroughbred Analytics became a strategic partner with Equibase. Using Equibase's industry standard database, Thoroughbred Analytics recalibrates our handicapping with current data and provides a platform for performing advanced analytics for our users.

In the fall of 2010, Thoroughbred Analytics launched our first public website, bringing our proprietary handicapping results and our advanced analytics and data mining functions to the general public.

Who We Are

Thoroughbred Analytics' product offering requires a multi-disciplinary team to bring our offering to our customers.

  • Handicapping Team

    Our premier handicapping team has a cumulative total of over 70 years handicapping experience.

  • Analytics Team

    Our analytics team consists of members who have the following degrees:

    • BS in Applied Mathematics, UCLA
    • BA, Economics California State University, Los Angeles
    • Our Analytics Team has over 30 years cumulative experience in application development, cash flow and profitability modeling, and decision support reporting for a variety of industries across four continents.
  • Public Relations/Marketing

    Our public relations and marketing staff have degrees in communications and journalism, with over 20 year experience in reporting with advanced degrees in organizational management.

  • Development

    Our web development team has over twenty years cumulative web based development experience, all have degrees in data processing and information management.