Compare Horse Racing Reports & Software

Need help determining whether you need Racing Analytics reports or Handicapping Analytics reports? Review our products-at-a-glance comparison chart.

  Handicapping Analytics Racing
Handicapping Software
Receive updates on a horse when it has trained or is scheduled to race checkmark checkmark  
View win, place and show ratios checkmark checkmark checkmark
Expected horse performance for a specific race checkmark   checkmark
Quick and easy handicapping references checkmark   checkmark
Horse strengths and weaknesses compared to other horses in a race checkmark   checkmark
Custom reports on jockeys, no matter the race   checkmark  
Custom reports on tracks, no matter the race   checkmark  
Custom reports on race types, no matter the race   checkmark  
Custom reports on trainers, no matter the race   checkmark  
Create customized handicapping models     checkmark
Create customized handicapping analytical reports     checkmark
View model statistic reports     checkmark
Generate detailed horse to horse comparison reports     checkmark

Subscription Availability

The following products are available in daily and monthly subscriptions. All Handicapping Unlimited Monthly Subscriptions also include Racing Analytics.

Product Unlimited Daily Unlimited Monthly
Handicapping Analytics checkmark checkmark
Racing Analytics checkmark checkmark
Handicapping Software checkmark checkmark