Privacy Policy

We collect information from our subscribers during the subscription process and, occasionally, at other times. This information, which ranges from limited personal data such as age and address to facts about subscribers' computers, ND professions, is then securely stored on separate servers.

Uses of Registration Information

Registration information may be used in several ways:

  • To enable us to process, validate and verify subscriptions.
  • To provide advertisers with aggregate - never individual - information about our subscriber base and usage patterns.
  • To give TA's marketing and development staff information that's useful for developing new features and services that meet subscriber needs.

Key Facts

We do not release subscriber names to any outside organization, which means we do not sell our subscriber list. We may, however, send subscribers e-mail notifications of new site features and topic-based news alerts. Only those subscribers who sign up for these announcements will receive them. Subscribers may edit registration information or cancel a subscription at any time. We reserve the right to contact any subscriber at any time regarding subscription renewals or other subscription-related problems or questions as well as changes to our Subscriber Agreement.