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Welcome to Thoroughbred Analytics, the premier provider of horse racing handicapping and statistics reports for beginner and expert thoroughbred racing enthusiasts.

Want to know how well your horse is going to perform in a specific race? Our advanced handicapping reports do the calculations for you and make it easy to increase your winnings!

Our proprietary calculations analyze over 40 performance factors and historical data to give you the edge to win big!

For a specific race, our TA Indicator shows how well a horse is expected to perform, our TA Rank lists each horse in order of grade, and our TA Ratio represents a horse's overall strengths and weaknesses compared to the other horses in the race.

Handicapping reports are available in 3 convenient packages. Or you can purchase reports individually. You can also view all packages and reports at a glance with our handicapping report quick links.

Handicapping Packages

Need a complete track analysis package? Our Triple Crown Package is for all levels of handicappers and includes our Key Factors Report, Premium Analysis Report and Premium Past Performances Report.

The Key Factors Report offers knowledgeable handicappers a quick handicapping reference for their race. It includes our TA calculations and analysis of 8 key factors, each rated on a scale of 100.

The Premium Analysis Report offers handicappers a complete and in-depth analysis of past performance data for their race. This report includes our TA calculations. Also includes the post position, jockey, and morning line odds.

The Premium Past Performances Report contains our TA calculations applied to industry standard data such as a horse's win, loss and place record, and earnings for the last 10 races, jockey information and much more.

If you need less complex calculations, try our Double Crown Package. It's just like our Triple Crown package with the Premium Analysis Report and Premium Past Performances Report, but excludes the Key Factors Report.

If you want the best bets and long shots across an entire region, try our Single Crown Package. which includes our Best Bet Recommendations Report and Live Long Shots Report.

Our Best Bet Recommendations Report is a must have tool for identifying the best betting opportunities across several tracks within a region. We develop our proprietary processes using historical entries and actual results, then apply them to upcoming races.

Our Live Long Shots Report identifies the highest earning opportunities across several race tracks. Using additional proprietary analysis, this report provides you with the best value plays for an entire region.

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