Handicapping Systems Overview

Comprehensive Thoroughbred Horseracing Analytics

Thoroughbred Analytics' goal is to provide you with quick, easy, and concise information about every aspect of the thoroughbred horseracing industry. We partnered with the Equibase Company to obtain the most comprehensive data available and provide it to you in tailored reports for the novice to the advanced user.

Users also have the option to create customized reports using our historical database to analyze the past performance of trainers, jockeys and race tracks across North America using any combination of our forty factors . Our tools will enhance your horseracing experience and provide you with optimum betting opportunities.

Handicapping Analytics Overview

Racing Analytics Overview

Our Three Tools

1 Reporting Tool

Our Reporting Tool produces detailed results from the handicapping and modeling tools for any specified track or individual race. You can produce our TA2 standard reports or Customized reports designed by you and incorporating any combination of our forty factors.

2 Handicapping Tool

Our Handicapping tool performs a detailed analysis of each horse. Using past performances data, trainer statistics, jockey statistics and other relevant information, each horse is analyzed for over forty factors of performance.

3 2 - The Analyzer

Thoroughbred Analytic's proprietary handicapping application called The Analyzer, or TA, provides racing enthusiasts with the most comprehensive set of handicapping tools available. This includes a detailed analysis of each horse's past performances, advanced modeling and statistical analysis, all to produce a comprehensive set of reports, and particularly highlights of good betting opportunities. This is done using a set of proprietary algorithms and unique calculations intended to provide valuable insight into each horse's potential performance for the current day's race.