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Picking The Right Jockey

Top jockeys win races based on their riding skills and their ability to size up the competition and race their horse in a manner that will be most competitive against the other contenders. Trainers select jockeys in which they feel their horse gets the best chance of winning. As a handicapper, you too should select jockeys in which you feel will give you the best chance at winning.

Thoroughbred Analytics offers several customizable reports to help you pick the right jockey for your winning wager.

Thoroughbred Analytics Jockey Analytics Summary Report can be selected for a defined period of time and for a specific track to display all jockeys for those parameters and defines such valuable data as:

The number of races ridden, number of races won, number of races finished 2nd, number of races finished 3rd, and the total number of races ridden resulting in an in the money finish.

This report also presents jockey statistics by percentages; percentage of races won, percentage of 2nd place and 3rd place finishes and percentage of races resulting with in the money finishes.

Lastly, and most importantly, this Thoroughbred Analytics report presents Return On Investment (ROI). This data includes percentage Win ROI, percentage Place ROI, and percentage Show ROI. This data can help you cash for some big winnings.

Additional Thoroughbred Analytics Jockey reports available include Jockey Post Position Analysis, Post Position Comparison, Class Analysis and Class Analysis Comparison, Distance/Surface Analysis, Distance/Surface Comparison and Race History.

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