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Thoroughbred Analytics Forecasts 2012 Preakness Stakes Horse Race
preakness 2012 horse race

Orange County — The Preakness Stakes, which is the second leg of the US Triple Crown takes place this Saturday, May 19th. The high stakes horse race determines the horse that will win the Triple Crown. With the Kentucky Derby … Continue reading

Horse Racing Enthusiasts Use Thoroughbred Analytics for their Breeders’ Cup Prep Race Predictions
horse racing software, handicapping horses, horse software, handicapping horse races

The Breeders’ Cup is the Super bowl for thoroughbred Horse racing. At the end of every year thousands of people anticipate attempting to predict winners over the two day event. Spectators at the races and viewers at home use Thoroughbred Analytics Breeders’ Cup past performances reports, handicapping software, and horse racing selection services to make the most educated selections over the 2 day, fifteen race event. But before the two day championship event, horses have to compete in numerous other races in attempt to gain a spot in one of the 15 races. Continue reading

Horse Racing Fans Are Using Thoroughbred Analytics for Horse Racing Analysis and Making Selections for this Summer’s Million Dollar Stakes Races
horse racing software, handicapping horses, horse software, handicapping horse races

This is an exciting time for horse racing enthusiasts as the next 30 days contains three races, not including the one that recently took place over the weekend, each awarding 1 million dollars to the horse that come in first place. Huge purse events entice large crowds and many of these people will be trying to predict winners against odds. However, Thoroughbred Analytics will have an advantage predicting race winners because of their proprietary ranking systems, extensive past performance reports, and a combination with a detailed evaluation of those rankings and reports. Continue reading