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Profiting with Handicapping Analytics for Horses

Becoming a good handicapper can take years of following the horses. You must watch thousands to understand the intricacies that go into determining which horse has the best chance of winning a particular race. Most horse racing enthusiasts, who horse … Continue reading

Do Horse Racing Handicapping Tools Give you a Betting Advantage?

Every serious horse player is always looking for more horse information that will give him or her the edge that can be the difference between winning and loser. Most people who go to the racetrack will buy a program, study … Continue reading

Using Horse Racing Statistics in Handicapping

Before the digital era, handicapping thoroughbred horse racing was an art more than a science, a blend of past performances and gut intuition that could only be gained through years of observation and experience. Even with all of that dedication, … Continue reading

Making Use of Horse Racing Handicapping Analytics For Wagering

Some days, there seems to be as many horse racing wagering systems as there are bettors. How can anyone make any money playing the ponies? By doing the same things that thoroughbred and Standardbred track handicappers do when they determine … Continue reading