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The Allen Jerkens

Allen Jerkens earned his nickname the “giant killer”. He took down the favorites that everyone thought were invincible. He understood that getting your horse to peak on the very day of the race meant that you had a shot at … Continue reading

The Type of Race You Need to Sit Out

I’ll come right out and say it, no one can handicap every type of race.¬† Obviously, there are many types of races, but for the sake of simplicity we’ll brake down all races by two factors: surface and distance. For … Continue reading

Can Finishing Second Ever Be Honorable?

If you’re not first you’re last! – Will Ferrel The quote above was from a Dale Earnheardt type character played for comedic effect by Will Ferrel, but many in our industry feel this way. How many people can remember who … Continue reading

The Five Races That Made 2014

2014 was quite the year for horse racing. The superstar horses proved they could actually show up – who knew? The three biggest superstars in training – Bayern, California¬† Chrom,e and Shared Belief combined for a total of 25 starts. … Continue reading

Why Handicap Turf Like You Handicap Dirt?

Class is the most important factor when evaluating a turf horse. A more obvious sentence has probably never been uttered on the internet. Well, if the importance of class when handicapping turf is so important, then why are most people … Continue reading