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Make Derby Day Your Payday

The wonderful thing about wagering on horse racing is that, unlike casino wagering in which the house wins only when you lose, horse race wagering involves betting against other bettors. The track gets its percentage regardless of whether you win or lose and as such has no incentive to see you lose.

So in that horse race wagering involves wagering against other bettors the best shot is to find horses that are presented at better value than their odds would indicate. This is done by careful analysis of a multitude of factors such as the type of race, race distance, race surface, and most importantly the horses that comprise the field for the race.

Today we have much greater access to a vast array of data to assist in the analysis of the contenders in the races; we have access to race replays, as well as the standard past performances and a multitude of professional analysts. Processing this available data is highly beneficial but can be time consuming and complex, however an ideal aid to wade through this information can be found in the reports offered by Thoroughbred Analytics.

Thoroughbred Analytics reports cater to every level of handicapper and provide every aspect of performance that a handicapper could want.

The upcoming Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks are some of the biggest days for wagering on horses races in America. Exotic wagers and multi-race wagers can reward the astute bettor handsomely. 2014 Kentucky Derby $2 exacta paid $340.00, $2 trifecta paid $3,424,60, $2 superfecta paid $15,383.80.

Get familiar with the full Thoroughbred Analytics offerings prior to the 1st Saturday in May and spend less time on analysis and more time enjoying the races and cashing winning tickets.

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